Over the years I have been part of pretty much every RC wave that came along. The big one at the moment though is flying drones! Now, most of the ones that you will see flying around the neighborhood or even delivering packages for Amazon will be quadcopters, but there is also tricopters which while not quite as popular do have their own strengths and are seeing a bit of a spike in popularity. So should you just go with the flow and get a quadcopter? Or should you buck the trend and try something a little different like a tricopter? Well, keep on reading as we take a closer look at what is better a tricopter or a quadcopter!


What Is The Difference Between A Tricopter And A Quadcopter?

Tricopter: As the name implies, a tricopter is able to fly thanks to three motors. One of the things that takes many people by surprise is just how far the three motors stick from the main body of the tricopter. The reason for this is that it simply has to be this way. This is what gives the tricopter more stability while it is in the air and also makes it easier to fly.

As far as the design of a tricopter goes, you will find that there is a lot of choice. If you want something that is a little bit cooler looking then, you will want to go for some of the more helicopter looking tricopters. But there is also more fun looking ones such as ones designed to look like UFO’s.

A tricopter is seen by many as more of a toy than an actual drone, which is a bit of a harsh statement as it can do many of the things that a drone can do. You can add a gimbal and a camera or the tricopter you buy, if it is a more high end one may even have a gimbal already installed so you can add your own camera or it may even have its own camera.

As far as flying goes, tricopters are known to be a little bit harder to fly. As there are three motors, some models have these evenly spaced out and to a kid, it may be a little hard to know what way is forward, especially when it is high in the air. The movements are a little jerkier as well so that is something to keep in mind.

Quadcopter: This is the classic design for what many of you refer to as a drone! Drones are taking over the world these days and both kids and adults seem very interested in a quadcopter. Powering a quadcopter is a set of four motors, these 99/100 are spaced out evenly given the quadcopter a real uniform look, but it also helps make it easy to control.

Like tricopters, quadcopters come in a variety of designs. You get all different kinds of colors and there is a fair bit of variety in the designs as well. For example, an adult may want something a little more straightforward looking and cool. Whereas a kid might want something that is jam packed with LED lights and resembles a UFO! The point is there is far more choice in design and colors with quadcopters as there is just way more of them on the market right now

A quadcopter does not have that same kind of “toy stigma” that tricopters do. The reason for this is that there are many quadcopters that are used in a professional environment. Ranging from delivering packages to shooting video. Speaking of which, shooting video seems to be a huge reason as to why many people want a quadcopter. Many have the attachment for a camera built in and some even offer the actual camera already included with the quadcopter.

One thing that is pretty much universally agreed on is that a quadcopter is easier to fly. The extra motor that a quadcopter has tends to make it have a much smoother kind of flight which makes the quadcopter ideal for pretty much anyone. If you want to be able to just enjoy flying and not have to worry too much about keeping perfect control then a quadcopter is the way to go.

Tricopter vs Quadcopter For Racing?

Racing drones is really, really cool. Even if you are not wanting to race against another person and you just want to fly really fast around the backyard. You want to know what one of these drones is known to be the fastest. Well, it is pretty much generally agreed that a quadcopter is the best drone when it comes to being fast. The reason for this is that they have the extra motor. This gives the quadcopter better lift and that extra bit of power for moving faster.

Now yes there will be higher end tricopters that can go really fast. But in general, a quadcopter is always going to have more power than a tricopter and as a result, go faster. So if speed is what you are after then a quadcopter is what you want.

Winner: Quadcopter


Tricopter vs Quadcopter For Longer Flight Time?

Ok so out of the three this question here is the hardest to answer and the reason for that is it all depends on the kind of quadcopter or tricopter you buy. There are some higher end models that have a battery so high tech it could probably power the Starship Enterprise. But for the average joe who will be buying a reasonably priced and standards tricopter or quadcopter off Amazon. You are looking at anywhere from 8 to 15 minutes with a 2 to 6 hour charge time.

Hey, it sounds like a cop-out I know, but there really is no way to definitively say that one or the other has the better battery time. It all depends on the model you get. But one thing I will say is that some of the cheaper quadcopters that are on the market right now… and there is a lot of them do have as much as ten minutes of flight time which for under 50 bucks is a very good deal. Based on this alone and the fact that it is much easier to go out and buy a quadcopter than a tricopter. If I had to pick a winner (which I do) then it has to go to the quadcopter. But please keep in mind that chances are any tricopter you find is likely to have the same kind of battery life.

Winner: Quadcopter

Tricopter vs Quadcopter For Aerial Photography?

Now, this is the main reason so many people are interested in a drone these days. Well, this and the fact that flying one is super cool and awesome! But what is best when it comes to taking pictures and shooting video. Again a lot of this does depend on the model of tricopter or quadcopter you buy. But there are far more quadcopters on the market than there are tricopters so finding one that has a built in camera or at the very least an attachment for you to add your own is very easy. Also, one thing worth noting is that a quadcopter with a built in camera (as high as 720p) is actually far more affordable than you would think.

This is an easy answer. To a skilled pilot using a tricopter for shooting video will be easy, but I feel there is far more of a learning curve with actually learning to fly a tricopter smoothly. A quadcopter with its extra motor offers a smoother and easier flight which leads to a less jerky and more smooth video. So the fact that a quadcopter with a camera already built in or at the very least the attachment already included along with the ease of flying it make it the clear winner. I would go as far to say that a total novice could get a quadcopter with a camera and start making some pretty cool videos right away without any trouble. That is how easy it is to shoot good video with a quadcopter.

Winner: Quadcopter


Tricopter VS Quadcopter: Which One Is The Best?

Look I know it has been a clean sweep for the quadcopter, but that does not mean a tricopter is bad. The fact is, we as a society seemed to have embraced the quadcopter drone far more than the tricopter and as a result, quadcopters are more readily available, tend to be cheaper and are what most people want when it comes to a drone. Plus it may not sound like a big deal, but that extra motor really does make it a lot easier to fly and stay steady up in the air. So while I do think a tricopter is a lot of fun. For those just looking to buy something easily and know exactly what they are getting, I would have to say that a quadcopter is the way to go.

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