Every kid has a vivid memory of seeing a remote controlled car at some time or the other. These cars have evolved into actual radio-controlled cars and trucks that are powered by either gas or battery and raced outdoors by adult enthusiasts. The most popular of these are the buggies and truggies.  Here is a video showing you just how cool they can be.

For those newbies in the RC field, what do you consider when torn between the RC buggy and Truggy? Let us compare the two below.
When comparing an RC buggy vs a truggy, the first things to note are the differences.

• A buggy is built more like a car, and a truggy like a truck. The word truly is a combination of the words truck and buggy!
• A buggy is built for indoor racing and nice, smooth surfaces. The Truggy is built for rough surfaces and large outdoor racetracks.
• A Truggy has bigger tires and more ground clearance than the buggy.
• A buggy is easier to maintain in terms of cost, as it is more durable, and the wear and tear are less. A truggy, however, is more costly to maintain due to the frequent bashes it gets.
• The Truggy is better for bashing and off-road racing, while the buggy is more suited to speed racing.
• A buggy is harder to control at high speeds. Learning to control and manipulate a buggy at high speed improves the skill of the driver.
• The bodywork of the buggy is straightforward and sparse, while that of a truggy is more complex as it is built more like a monster truck. Owners of truggies like to spruce them up with bright accessories and bright colors so that they stand out.
• Buying a buggy is definitely cheaper than buying a druggy. It is, however, worth noting that both cost quite a bit of money to purchase and maintain.

Are there any similarities between the two? Of course.

• The Truggy is built with the same adjustability as the buggy.
• Both the buggy and the druggy also use a center differential.

When comparing the RC buggy vs. the druggy, consider what it is you are looking for as a racing enthusiast. Are you looking for speed, durability or cost effectiveness? Do you want a machine that makes everybody’s head turn, or one that wins the races hands down every time? Are you willing to put in the resources and commitment to make your buggy or Truggy something you are proud to own? The decision between the RC buggy vs. truly lies in your hands. Make the choice that will suit you best.

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