Ok so maybe our intro was a little over dramatic, but knowing what is better out of a RC buggy or a short course truck can be very tough. Especially if you are a parent looking to get one for your child and you have no clue about either of them! That is why today we are looking at the two of them and putting them head to head to see which one is ideal for you! So have a look down below as we put these awesome vehicles head to head!


So What Is A RC Buggy & A Short Course Truck?

RC Buggy

An RC buggy is exactly what it sounds like. It is a radio controlled car that you can purchase in pretty much any toy store in the country. Most of these are in the rtr buggy category. Where you buy it, open it, charge it and it is ready to run. There are electric and gas powered ones, but for the most part, electric is what people go for. There is a wide spectrum of RC buggies out there with some made for off road use, on road use and others that offer both. You can get them for as little as twenty bucks or as much as a few hundred! There is a whole world of RC buggies out there that is for sure.

Short Course Truck

What the hell is a short course truck? And is it not just the same as a RC buggy? Are the two questions that probably have popped into your mind. Well some people will tell you they are pretty much the same, but there are some major differences. Most of the time a truck will be bigger, higher off the ground, more powerful and in general be a lot stronger, rougher and tougher than what a RC buggy offers. It does also seem that short course trucks seem to have a more die hard fandom than RC buggies do!


RC Buggy or Truck: Which is Best For Racing?

A good rtr buggy is great for racing as it is lower to the ground, handles good and in general is very easy to get to grips with. You can make much more tight moves with an RC buggy than you can a short course truck. Of course a short course truck would run fine on a tarmac track or just the sidewalk outside your house. But it will not be as nimble and as quick to handle as a buggy.

Winner: RC Buggy


RC Buggy or Truck: Which Is Best For Sand?

This is a very tough one to answer as in general a short course truck just kicks all kinds of butt off road. It is made to drive fast over rougher terrain and the lack of precision handling that you sometimes get is not going to be an issue. But at the same time, you can get RC buggies that are specifically made for going off road on surfaces like sand, but this is not the case for all of them so we would have to say when it comes to driving fast and impressing the ladies on the beach it is the short course truck that comes out on top!

Winner: Short Course Truck


RC Buggy or Truck: Which Is Best For Grass?

On short dry grass there is no question that it is a buggy which will come out on top. It will race around and have no problems at all. It will handle great and even with the added resistance of the grass. It should not lose all that much speed. Now if you change this to wet grass, you can have all kinds of problems, especially if the tires are not all that good! A short course truck though is designed for rough and dirty play and will happily tear up any lawn, dry or wet that it is on. But we must say if you were to put them head to head on a dry lawn the RC buggy would come out on top, but with a wet more uncut lawn, the truck would be king!

Winner: Tie (sorry was just too close to call!)


RC Buggy or Truck: Which Is Best For Bashing?

Short course truck is of course the easier answer. It is a little higher off the ground than a rtr buggy and it is made to drive around dirt, mud and take a bit of a beating so at first thought this is an easy answer. But, we have seen some very large and strong looking RC buggies that are designed for off road use and some of these look like they would really give a short course truck a run for its money in the bashing department. But if you are a parent looking for a RC vehicle that is robust then it has to be the short course truck

Winner: Short Course Truck


So Is There A Clear Cut Winner?

To be honest with you …… no. A short course truck may have come out on top in our little head to head. But the fact is a kid (or even an adult) can have a lot of fun with a good rtr buggy. You can get a RC buggy very cheap these days and this is a great way to see if this RC hobby is for you. If it is you can then move onto a more expensive RC buggy or even a powerful, monster of a short course truck!

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