Hello, my fellow RC enthusiasts. Racing RC buggies has been something I have enjoyed for many years, actually since I was a kid and I was tearing up the backyard with my first RC truck. Anyway, I have used all kinds of RC vehicles over the years from electric to nitro and everything in between. Today I want to put nitro RC buggies head to head with electric buggies and give you a few pros and cons on each one so you have an idea which one is better for you or even your kids.


Pros Of Nitro RC Buggy

Here I will share with you a few of the things that I think make a Nitro RC buggy really cool and something you should consider.


It Feels More Like A Real Car!

One thing that I think is really cool about a Nitro RC buggy and one of the things that really blew me away was the buggy sounded, smelled and even the smoke!  A nitro buggy certainly has a very outgoing personality that makes driving one really, really cool. Racing around an RC buggy does not feel like you are playing with a toy like some other RC vehicles can do. Driving an RC buggy is something that is really hard to describe, but I can tell you that it really does have a more, I guess robust kind of feel when you are steering is the best way to describe it


Tinkering With It Can Be A Lot Of Fun

Now I know some of you may be spitting your coffee out a this, but for some people, the fact that you need to fine tune a nitro motor and really get your hands dirty by tinkering with it to make sure it is running just right is a huge plus. Also, the fact a nitro RC buggy requires you to get to know your RC car means that it may lead to you picking up a few basic RC engineering skills which may come in handy in the future when it comes to fixing your RC car or fine tuning it.


A Nitro RC Buggy Can Run Longer

Ok, so thanks to the advances in battery technology this is not so much of a plus as it was a few years ago. But as long as you have some nitro gas then you can keep on racing. Just keep on topping it up and you are good to go. There is no changing batteries or having to charge things. As long as you have a gas can, you are always going to be good to go, well as long as there is gas in it of course!


Cons Of Nitro RC Buggy

Here I will share with you a few of the things that I think are not so cool about driving a nitro RC buggy.


They Are Very Loud!

Ok, so I know that I said the noise was one of the plusses just before. But nothing can prepare you for just how loud a nitro RC buggy is. They are incredibly loud which is pretty cool. But if you are driving around in your backyard our out in the neighborhood then you may have some very annoyed neighbors. Also for smaller kids, the loud noise may actually turn them off. I know that when my youngest was two, he hated the sound the nitro RC car we had at the time made.


Working On It May Not Be For Everyone

To get the best out of a nitro powered RC buggy, you are going to have to tinker with it. Some think this is awesome and if you are into this kind of thing it is a huge plus. For others, though this is a real chore and something that may be a deal breaker when it comes to a nitro RC buggy. I would say that it is pretty much impossible to buy a nitro RV buggy and not have to work on it at some point during its life.


Outdoor Racing Only!

I sometimes will allow my kids to race our electric cars around the dining room… When my wife is not home of course. But there is no way I could let them race a nitro RC buggy in the house! It is not just because of the noise, but also the fumes this kind of RC buggies put out as well.


Pros Of Electric Buggies

These days, most people who are into RC buggies will tell you that an electric buggy is the way to go. Well here, I am going to share with you some of the pros of having an electric RC buggy.


Easy Peasy

Honestly, using an electric RC buggy could not be any easier. Most of the time it is simply a case of you buy it, charge and then race it. It really is that simple. While there are some electric RC buggies out there that do allow for you to tinker with them or even build them. There is also a ton of electric RC buggies on the market that are designed for people who just want to rip open the package and then start racing. If you want your RC action as easy as possible then electric is the way to go.


They Are Fast

The last decade or so has been awesome with electric RC cars. With a good brushless motor, you can get an electric RC buggy that can go just as fast if not faster than a nitro RC buggy and that is awesome. You will be amazed at the speeds which electric RC buggies can go these days. Modern RC buggies are not like the ones you had as a kid which had a tiny little motor and ran off a set of double A batteries! Best of all this brushless motor I was just telling you about is now much more affordable.


Great For Everyone

No matter if you are an RC vehicle veteran, a guy getting his first RC buggy in 20 years or even a parent looking for the right RC car for the kids. You cannot go wrong with an electric RC buggy. You can get lower powered ones that you do not mind running around the house. Or you can get something with some serious power that can really fly. I am not overselling it when I tell you that no matter what your needs are, you will find an RC buggy for you.


Cons Of Electric RC Buggy

Of course like anything else, there are some downsides to an electric buggy and here I will tell you a few things that I am not too impressed with when it comes to an electric RC buggy.


Run Time

Great strides have been made in terms of battery power, but for a standard RC buggy that you could buy off Amazon, for many of them, you are looking at half an hour of racing time at the most. This means that you need to have some kind of portable charger, a few different batteries or even invest in a more powerful and long lasting battery for your RC buggy. If you are thinking of getting seriously into RC cars and buggies then you will want to make sure you research the battery the one you like the look of has.


They Are Fast, But Still Not That Fast

What I mean by this is that, yes I was praising electric RC buggies for how fast they can be these days. But the bog standard RC buggy that you will buy for under fifty bucks on Amazon  may be a lot of fun to drive around. But it will not be able to touch a nitro car. If you want an electric RC buggy that offers you some serious speed then you will have to pay a little more for it. To be honest with you this is more of a nitpick than a full on con as many modern RC buggies do go pretty darn quick.


Some People See Them As A Toy… Still!

This one kind of annoys me, but it is something some people may struggle to get past. There are some folks who think that a nitro gas powered RC buggy is a real RC vehicle and anything else that has an electric motor is nothing more than a toy. I think this is not true at all, but there is still a little bit of a stigma about electric RC buggies in this regard. For me personally, though, I would not let this bother you.


Nitro vs Electric Buggy, Which Is Better?

Ok so I have spent quite about of time over the years with nitro and electric RC buggies and if I had to suggest one kind of RC buggy to someone it would have to be an electric one. With the advances in brushless technology and the coming down of the price. An electric RC buggy is offering you a nice amount of speed, low noise and a lot less hassle than a nitro gas powered RC buggy. Do not get me wrong there is something just so cool about a nitro RC buggy tearing up the terrain. But for ease of use and dare, I say fun, I think you will have an overall better and easier time with an electric RC buggy.

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