Kyosho Mini Z Buggy revidwI have had my head turned a few times now by the Kyosho Mini Z Buggy and as a long time RC buggy enthusiast I can honestly say that this was an RC buggy that really did capture my attention and was something I really wanted to try out. Not just for myself, but with my kids as well. Well luckily I was given the chance to try out Kyosho Mini Z Buggy and I could not have been any more excited. I have spent a good few hours with the Kyosho Mini Z Buggy and as well as racing it. I have even opened it up and had a good look inside to see what makes it tick. Anyway, keep on reading to see what my thoughts on the Kyosho Mini Z Buggy are.


Best & Coolest Features

Ok, so where to start? The first thing I need to tell you about the Kyosho Mini Z Buggy is that there are a few different versions of this RC buggy. Most of the differences are cosmetic and the particular version that I got to have some fun with was the Jared Tebo Edition which gets me to my first cool feature and that is the look.

The fact this has been designed to be as easy to use as possible is awesome and something I really like. You tear open the packaging and then you are ready to go. Well once you have put batteries in it of course, which are not included.

In general, the Kyosho Mini Z Buggy is just a really cool looking RC buggy and anyone who gets this is going to be won over by it as soon as they see it.


Wha, I Like About It

The Kyosho Mini Z Buggy is one very cool looking RC buggy. It is the kind of thing I could imagine tearing up some dunes on the beach for real. There is a really smart looking, kind of understated American theme to this buggy and I think out of the three versions of this buggy I have seen, that this one is the coolest looking. I really like the design and actually, if it was not caked in mud right now, it would be sitting on my shelf, proudly on display.

I was very impressed with how well the Kyosho Mini Z Buggy is made. The actual RC buggy is only a few inches long and a couple of pounds in weight so it takes up next to no space and I have always got a kick out of how cool these mini RC buggies look. While this is small in stature, it is high on quality as this is very well made. It has double wishbone suspensions which allow the buggy to take some pretty big jumps, which along with the strong chassis really does make this one of the stronger, mini RC buggies I have seen. While I did not crash it (I am an awesome driver after all) my kids really put this through its paces and I can tell you that it can take a real beating and not be any worse the wear for it.

Not only is this one very cool looking RC buggy it also drives like a dream. The Kyosho Mini Z Buggy is a 4 wheel drive RC buggy which benefits from 15 precision ball bearings that really make this offer a smooth and pretty quick drive. My kids really had a lot of fun with the Kyosho Mini Z Buggy. My wife set up a track in the garage, to stop them racing it around the house! And they had a blast. With the Kyosho Mini Z Buggy being so compact in its size, you can make a track pretty easily for it. The controller is pretty standard, but it gets the job done and I do not see anyone having any trouble getting to grips with it. If you have driven an RCbuggy before then you will be right at home. If this is your first or a kids first RC buggy then it is very easy to learn.


A Couple Of Things, I Am Not Super Happy About

Look I can honestly with my hand on my heart tell you that my family and I had a blast with the Kyosho Mini Z Buggy and for the most part Kyosho have really done an awesome job with this buggy, but there are still a few things that I am not super happy about.

First of all is the battery life. Having an internal battery in an RC buggy of this size is quite uncommon (well as far as I know) so the fact this runs of three triple A batteries is not a huge surprise. It does though mean that you only get around 30 minutes (if you have good quality batteries) of play time before you need to replace the batteries. So in other words, especially if you have kids playing with this. You want to make sure you have a good stockpile of batteries.

The asking price for the Kyosho Mini Z Buggy can be right around the 200 bucks mark. To be honest, when it comes to mini RC buggies, the Kyosho Mini Z Buggy is one of the best I have ever had the pleasure to race with so it is not like I do not understand why the asking price is what it is. Kyosho has really crammed as manyhigh-quality parts inside of this RC buggy as they possibly could so I have to give them a high five for that. However for a parent just looking for a fun RC buggy for their kids, the Kyosho Mini Z Buggy may seem a little overpriced. I really think that Kyosho could do a better job explaining to the non RC buggy enthusiast why this is a great RC buggy and why it is priced the way it is.


Who Is This RC Truck Ideal For?

This is a really hard question to answer as I feel that the mini line of RC buggies and vehicles look like they should be aimed at kids. Which many of them probably are, but then yo have more high end mini RC buggies like the Kyosho Mini Z Buggy here. I actually think that this is an RC buggy that is actually suitable for everyone. For an adult it is great as it is fun to race, is a throwback to their childhood and it also does not take up a ton of space either which is pretty nice. At the same time for a kid, this looks super cool and it also can take a real beating so you will not be worried about your child breaking it. So I would have to say that the Kyosho Mini Z Buggy is suitable for everyone.

The fact that when the Kyosho Mini Z Buggyarrives at you, it is ready to rock and roll out of the box is great for those of you who do not want to have to deal with building the buggy or going through some lengthy setup process. Which if you are getting this for a kid for Christmas or their birthday is awesome and is going to save you a major headache as you will not be asked “is it ready yet?” over and over again.


Kyosho Mini Z Buggy ReviewSummary

In all the Kyosho Mini Z Buggy is just a ton of fun and in all, I really could not be any more impressed. Sure we would all like a bit more battery life, but that is not just a problem with the Kyosho Mini Z Buggy, but mini RC buggies in general. I loved the look, the speed, and the overall quality is just great so I have to say that it is very easy to recommend the Kyosho Mini Z Buggy.


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