Today we are sharing with you a few ways that you can make your RC truck even cooler by adding in a set of LED lights. These can be added as headlights or even as brake lights. Now while we have put RC truck in the title. This is most likely going to be fine for those of you with a RC buggy and car as well. But anyway please keep on reading if you want a basic idea of how you will go about installing LED lights on your RC truck. We will tell you right away that it is not all that complicated, but if you think it sounds a little above your DIY skill set then get some help from a person who is a little more confident.


Step 1: Pick Your Lights

You can get LED lights in all shapes and sizes these days so make sure you get some that will look cool in your RC truck. You do not want to have tiny little lights if you have a big powerful RC truck. They will look silly! So make sure the LED lights you buy go with the design of your RC vehicle.

Step 2: Remove The Body

The first step that you will want to do in regards to installing the lights is take off the body. This is the top shell of the RC truck you will be adding LED lights to. It should be simple enough to do and even if you bought a truck, buggy or car that was pre built. There should be some screws that will easily allow you to remove the top.


Step 3: Find Where Your LED Lights Are Going To Go

Once you have taken the top off your RC truck, you will need to find where the best place for the LED lights to go is. LED lights are very light so do not worry about that. Some RC trucks will have fake lights on them and if yours has that, then that is awesome as you have a perfect place for your LED lights to go. If there are no fake lights then we think that holding the RC truck so it is in front of you is the best way to get an idea of where the LED lights will look best. Do not just make a mark with a marker on a whim. If you want it to look as natural and good as possible, get the tape measure out and make sure you are keeping the lights as symmetrical as possible.


Step 4: Drill Some Holes!

This may sound terrifying for those of you who do not normally do DIY, but it is not that hard to do. The best way to go about this is to get a drill and make sure the drill bit is roughly the same size as the LED light you will be using. This will give you the best and most snug fit for your LED lights. You do not want then flopping around when you are racing your RC truck.

Step 5: Check They Fit

Before you start messing around with wires and connecting the LED lights to your RC truck. Make sure the LED lights fit in the holes you have just drilled. If they do not do a little bit of shaving around the hole to get them to fit nice and snug. It is a real pain in the butt to have to make changes to the holes once you have wired the lights so check they fit now!


Step 6: Things To Note About Wiring The LED Lights

Wiring the LED lights to the battery (a 9v one that you have purchased) is very easy and should only take a few minutes. Be sure before you put the RC truck together that you test them to make sure they are powered up properly. Please make sure that you use plenty of wire. The reason for this is that you ever need to take the body of the RC truck then you will give yourself plenty of wire to do so, so that you do not have to snap or cut a wire to get the body off.


Step 7: Have Fun & Do Not Get Stressed Out!

Adding LED lights to your truck is not one of the hardest jobs out there. But for a person who is new to this kind of thing it can be tricky and require a bit of trial and error. Do not freak out, get made or loose heart. Just stick at it and you will get it working and you may discover you have a knack for tinkering with RC trucks.


What You Will Need To Pimp Your RC Truck!

These are the basic things that you will need in order to give your RC truck LED lights.

LED’s: You will need some LED lights of course. MCD’s are what LED’s are rated in the higher this rating is then the brighter the LED lights will be.

Battery & Battery Clip: You will need a 9 volt battery to connect the LED’s to. Also make sure to get a battery clip so you can securely place it inside the RC truck and not have it flopping around in there. You will also need to purchase a power switch kit as well so please keep that in mind.

Wire & Wire Cutters: Make sure you get plenty of wire you want a minimum size of 20 gauge for your LED’s to work properly. Also ensure you get more than you need as even the best of us can have accidents when it comes to stripping wire.

Solder & A Soldering Iron: If you have never soldered before then please check out a guide or have someone else do all the soldering. Last thing you want is solder dripping into your RC truck!

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