There is just something really cool about an motorcycle and today we are looking at those that are classed as the best RC motorcycle. These can be a lot of fun and are an awesome way to get a kid interested in RC vehicles. Also these tend to be a heck of a lot less expensive than a RC truck, car or some kind of flying contraption so they will not make you broke either. In this guide we are going to share with you a few things to think about before you hit the buy it now button on a RC dirt bike, even if it is classed as the best RC motorcycle, be sure to have a look at our guide first. We will also share with you three of the best RC motorbikes that you can buy right now.


Things To Look For When Buying A RC Motorcycle

What Kind Of Battery Does It Have?

Ok weknow this is a pretty boring thing to start with. You came here looking for the best RC motorcycle and here we are talking about batteries! Well batteries are very important and you should know what to look for. Most RC motorcycles will come with some kind of mAh rechargeable battery and come with a charger to charge it. However there are some that are powered by regular batteries like AA or AAA. It is worth noting that even those that do have rechargeable batteries will still require regular batteries for the controller.


Think About The Child Or Person You Are Buying It For

The best RC motorcycle is going to be fast and strong. But some of the budget ones cannot take as much punishment. What we are getting at here is that if you are purchasing a RC motorbike for a child who is, let’s just say a little bit rough with how they play. You will want to get one that can take a bit of a beating and is not going to break when it is crashed into a wall or taken of a really cool ramp! At the same time if you are buying this for an adult (a responsible one not an immature one!) then you may get away with buying a cheaper, not as strong one as they will most likely not be taking it off jumps and crashing it into walls!


How Far Can It Go?

We are not saying that you should be looking for a motorcycle that they are going to be able to ride into the next town. But you want them to have a bit of freedom where they can really let loose and let the bike go fairly far…. And of course fast. Some RC motorbikes can go around 60 feet which seems to be about the average, give or take a few feet of course. Anything less than 40 feet is simply not good enough, especially when you are looking for the best RC motorcycle.


Two Wheels, Three Wheels Or Four Wheels!

Now this may seem a rather odd thing to be talking about as we are looking at RC motorbikes and no doubt you are thinking they should just have two wheels. Now the thing is some RC motorcycles do have just two good size wheels that are designed so when you set the bike down it sits. These require a bit more skill to ride and they can tip if you ride them a bit too crazy! Other RC motorcycles have “support wheels” these can be just one extra wheel or perhaps two. The idea of these is that they will keep the bike upright which may make these a better option for younger children.


What Kind Of Bikes Do You Or They Find Cool?

Finding the best RC motorcycle can be tricky when it comes to style. You see there is just so many different styles of RC motorcycles out there. For example there is a range of RC motorbikes that are designed to look like racing bikes these look more sporty and kind of cool looking. Then you have RC bikes that are designed to look actual real motorcycles which are great if you are buying this for a person who likes things such as Harley Davidson as. Then you have RC motorcycles that are more innovative and have a design that is not realistic, but they are very smart looking and something a child would find really awesome.


Our Top RC Motorcycles (Our Reviews)

Here we have handpicked three different RC motorcycles that are cool to look at and fun to ride. We have picked a sporty one, a real one and a more sci-fi kind of one. We think that all three of these will provide a lot of fun and best of all, none of them are going to cost you a fortune either!


Best RC Motorcycle That Has A Sporty Look – Top Race 4 Channel RC Remote Control Motorcycle

best-rc-dirt-bike-reviewWe really like the sporty look of this one and feel that it is going to be a huge hit with kids. It is clearly designed to look like a racing motorbike and it actually goes a lot faster than you would think. Charging the motorcycle is very easy as you just need to use a standard USB charger to do so. But the motorcycle only gives you around 15-20 minutes race time off a single charge so that is something to keep in mind. The controller looks cool and runs of 4 AA batteries. It is made with a good mix of metal and plastic so this is a far more robust motorcycle than it looks. So even if they crash it into a wall or a jump goes wrong it will be able to take this kind of abuse.

This is a two wheel motorcycle that has a gyroscope inside which is there to help keep it upright. This will take the kids a little while to get used to and they are sure to see it tumble a few times, but this is a great way to learn how to race an RC motorcycle all the while having fun.


  • Awesome racing look
  • Will teach them how to ride a two wheeled RC motorcycle
  • Only needs a standard USB charger
  • Goes much faster than you would expect


  • Charge does not last very long
  • They will have to learn how to keep it on two wheels


Best RC Motorcycle That Looks Real – Maisto R/C Harley Davidson Xl 1200NNightster

rc-harley-davidson-motorcycle-reviewThis is a bit more of a basic RC motorcycle, but it certainly has a very cool design. While we do not think this is designed on any one particular Harley Davidson Motorcycle. It has been made in that Harley style which gives it a very smart look. It is also a very good size at 12 inches long this makes one very impressive gift. This RC motorcycle does not have a rechargeable battery. The actual bike require 4 AA batteries and the remote control requires 2 AA batteries. This does mean that it does not have a charge time, but at the same time it means it is not as powerful as the other bikes on this list.

While you may think this would be great for a Harley Davidson enthusiast and it would. This bike has two support wheels which makes it near impossible to knock down so as a first RC bike it would be great as well. It is also very easy to ride so there will be no frustration for a child playing with this.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Cool Harley Davidson design
  • Has two support wheels to prevent it falling over
  • Is 12 inches long


  • Not as fast as other bikes
  • Rather basic when compared to others


Best RC Motorcycle That Has A Unique Look – Velocity Toys Speed Lightning Remote Control RC Motorcycle Car

velocity-rc-dirt-bike-reviewOut of the three bikes we have looked at this one here is the one that will catch a person’s eye. This has a very smart look. You can see that this is designed to resemble the Light Cycles from the movie Tron and no matter if you get the red or the green version this looks cool. It also has LED lights on the front so your child will have fun racing around in the dark. The bike has a 6v700mAh Battery so it can go pretty fast and you will get around half an hour race time with it. The controller requires two AA batteries, but this is what we would expect. In all this is a motorcycle that is just all about having fun.

This is a two wheel RC motorcycle so it will take a while to get used to. But the rider actuallyleans when you turn a corner which is really cool. We think this has a great learning curve and while they may crash a few times at first. They will be zooming around like a pro in no time!


  • Great Tron inspired design
  • Rider leans into turns
  • Rechargeable 6v700mAh Battery
  • Goes very fast


  • Does require a little skill to ride
  • You get red or green, you do not get to pick a specific color


So What Is The Right RC Motorcycle For Me?

We had a blast trying to find the best RC motorcycle and we can honestly say that all three of these are pretty cool. We feel that the Harley Davidson inspired one would perhaps be best for smaller children as it does have those support wheels. The other two are perfect for those who want something that is a little bit more skill based.

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