What is the Best Lipo Charger

We have been doing some research on what is the best lipo battery brand and not just that, but what is the best charger to use with those batteries. We know how important it is for you RC racing enthusiasts to have a battery that gives you some serious racing time so you want to make sure that battery is charged properly and safely. Now we are not just talking about those of you who are into RC trucks, but other kinds of RC racers like RC buggies, RC hovercrafts, RC helicopters and anything else that requires a rechargeable battery. Today we are sharing with you what we feel are…
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How To Install LED Lights On A RC Truck

Today we are sharing with you a few ways that you can make your RC truck even cooler by adding in a set of LED lights. These can be added as headlights or even as brake lights. Now while we have put RC truck in the title. This is most likely going to be fine for those of you with a RC buggy and car as well. But anyway please keep on reading if you want a basic idea of how you will go about installing LED lights on your RC truck. We will tell you right away that it is not all that complicated, but if you think it…
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