Tamiya are back with their latest RC truck, simply called, Blackfoot or as many people are calling it Blackfoot 2016. This is the latest instalment in their Blackfoot range (which was first released way back in 1986) and this has many RC truck enthusiast excited as it keeps many of the things that made the original Blackfoot RC trucks so popular and adds in a few new things to make it a fantastic RC truck. So have a look down below to see exactly what we thought of this truck in our Blackfoot RC Truck review!


Best & Coolest Features

It is a great throwback. By that we mean that they have given the packaging and even the instructions a really cool old school kind of look. So anyone who had an original Blackfoot RC truck is going to be overcome with nostalgia.

The instructions that Tamiya give with this are very in depth. There is a lot of diagrams in the instructions and they do a great job in telling you exactly how to build this truck. Tamiya are one of the best when it comes to making sure people know how to build their trucks properly.

As it does have such detailed instructions, while at first it may seem a bit daunting. It does mean that you will know you are building this the right way. Plus these very in depth instructions make it an ideal RC truck for a first time RC truck racer!


What We Like About It

First of all building the Blackfoot RC Truck is a lot of fun. No matter if you are doing this by yourself or you are sharing it with a child, you are in for a great time. This is one of the easier trucks to build and we really do not see anyone having any major problems with the build as long as they follow the instructions.

Also when it comes to actually driving the truck it is just a real joy to do. You are going to have a lot of fun taking this off road and tearing up mud, grass or whatever kind of terrain gets in the way! This handles like a dream and even children who are perhaps getting this as their first proper RC truck will not have any problems handling it.  While making a track and trying to get through it will be fun. You will have just as much fun, seeing what the Blackfoot RC Truck can drive over! The charge time, race time and overall experience you get with this are just great, especially for the asking price.


A Couple Of Things, We Were Not Super Happy About

While this is a great throwback and it certainly does tug at the nostalgia strings. There are a couple of little things that may disappoint some people. The most notable one is the lack of the Ford license. The original Blackfoot RC Truck proudly displayed the Ford logo right on the front. Either Ford did not want to play ball or Tamiya did not want to pay for the license. Not a big deal, but we are sure that some people who have very fond memories of this truck may be a little disappointed in the lack of the Ford license. Also a couple of the other licensed decals that came with the original have been changed or completely replaced.

Also this RC truck comes with a brushed motor which to most people will mean nothing and while it does handle a little better and go a little faster than the original Blackfoot RC truck it is still not as quick as many of the other RC trucks in the same kind of price range. Still this is not a deal breaker and we are sure that most people will not have any issues with the top speed of this truck.


Who Is This RC Truck Ideal For?

Well the easy answer to this is people who grew up with the original Blackfoot RC Truck. Even with the lack of the Ford license, you are still bound to get all warm and fuzzy when you open, build and race this truck.

We also feel that this would be a great RC truck for a parent to build with their child as it is a very straightforward build and also a lot of fun. If you want to get your kid into RC trucks and cars then the Blackfoot RC Truck is a great place to start.


Blackfoot RC Truck Review Summary

In all honesty this is an awesome truck. Having played with one of these back in the day, it was impossible not to be impressed and while they did have to change a few things, we feel that most people will not notice or care all that much. It is also being sold for a very good price and we are sure, you will get many years of use out of this and have a lot of fun running over anything that gets in its way. No matter if you are getting this as your first RC truck or you are a seasoned RC Truck veteran, you will have a great time with this.

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