Few things in life are as cool as a 4×4 RC Truck! That is why today we are looking at three of the very best RC trucks on the market right now. We have made sure to pick a few different types so you can get an idea on what kind of RC truck is for you. Or even a kid if you are buying this as a gift. Let us tell you when they open up that awesome looking 1/10 RC truck they will be thanking you forever. So keep on reading to see what we consider to be the best RC trucks and to learn a few things as well.


Things To Look For When Buying A RC Truck

Where Will The Truck Be Driving?

Any good 4×4 RC truck should be able to rip through any kind of terrain. But certain trucks are better on certain kinds of terrain. So if you plan on just racing this around your backyard. Where there is grass, mud and some rocks then you will not need one that is all that powerful. But if you plan on taking it to places like the woods then you will want to make sure the 1/10 RC truck you are interested in can handle that kind of terrain.


Find One That Is Easy To Drive

No two trucks are the same so be sure to read up on as many RC truck reviews as you can to find one that is easy to drive. This is especially important if this is for a child or even if it is for you and it is your first RC truck since you were a kid. You want one that is nice and easy to handle so handling should always be one of the first thing you look at when trying to find a new RC truck.


Get One That Is Ready To Run

Building a truck is fun for a certain kind of person. Most of us though will find it tedious and annoying when the truck we have spent hours building will not turn left! This is why it is always easiest and most convenient to purchase a RTR or as us cool kids call it, ready to run. At most here you will have to put the battery pack in the truck and some batteries in the remote. This is by far the first step everyone should take who is getting into RC trucks.


Get One That Is Robust

Most decent 4×4 RC trucks will be quite robust. After all these are designed to go off road. But you still want to ensure the one you buy can take a bit of punishment. This is especially true if you are purchasing the 1/10 truck for a child. As when you are not there they will be taking it off ramps, slamming it into walls and all other kinds of craziness. So if you are worried that your child is going to play rough with this (which is part of the fun) then do not cheap out. Get one that can take a bit of punishment.


Look Into Chargers And Batteries

While all RC trucks will come with a battery and charger. It does not hurt to look for a more high capacity battery that is going to give your truck a little bit more oomph and most importantly a longer running time. Most batteries can charge fairly quickly these days, but you can buy a fast charger that will make charging the batteries a less agonizing experience. Of course this will mean extra money you have to pay, but if you factor this into the budget of your 4×4 RC truck then it does not feel as bad.


Our Top RC Trucks (Our Reviews)

We have three different trucks here that we are looking at. All three of these are pretty cool, but we have picked one that we consider to be the best brushless motor truck, best short course truck and the best electric truck. So no matter what kind of 4×4 RC truck you are after, we have you covered.


Best Brushless Truck – Redcat Racing Blackout XTE PRO 1/10 RC Truck

redcat-racing-brushless-rc-truck-reviewThis has just a really cool look to it. We love the black and blue design and feel that this is something anyone who gets will think looks awesome. With an electric brushless motor and 4 wheel drive. This is a truck that is going to be flying on pretty much any kind of terrain. The shocks are adjustable so you can tinker with it a little bit if you like, but we feel they are fine in their standard position. We feel that the design is strong so even when your child does slam it into a tree or takes it of a ramp that is too high. The truck should not come off too bad at all. While strong it is also actually pretty light so you will be very impressed with how fast this can go.

This is one very cool truck. The price may seem high, but for the money you are getting a powerful truck that you can pretty much race anywhere you want. One drawback that did make us raise our eyebrows was how the remote control required 8 double A batteries!



Looks really cool

Will be great on most kinds of terrain

Is ready to go out of the box

Has 4×4 drive


While good it is rather pricy

Remote needs a crazy amount of batteries


Best Electric Truck – Redcat Racing Volcano EPX Electric Truck,1/10 Scale

redcat-racing-electric-rc-truck-reviewHere we have a cool RC truck that has a bit of a sporty look to it. We love the design and like how they have gone with a polycarbonate body as it is strong, but also light weight. This means the truck is strong, but it can also go really fast and as we all know, going fast is awesome! The shock which are oil filled so they are ideal for severe off road action, but theylook really smart as they are aluminum capped. A great bonus of this 4×4 RC truck is how all the electronics are waterproof. So you will not be scared to take it through the odd puddle or race it in the rain. In all this is a very good truck that is actually being sold for a very reasonable price.

There was not really any red flags with this truck, but we did see some people say they had problems with the gears stripping away. We are sure this is a very minor incident, but it is still something to watch for.



Good price

Electronics are waterproof

Polycarbonate body can take a good bit of punishment

Is 4×4


While strong not as robust as more pricy cars

Batteries for remote are not included


Best Short Course Truck – Traxxas 1/10 Slash 4X4 Brushless (Platinum Edition)

traxxas-short-course-rc-truck-reviewHere we have a very smart and snazzy looking short course truck. This is rather unusual for a 4×4 RC truck as it looks like a sports car, but a sports car with a set of really powerful wheels. This has an extreme brushless motor that is so powerful the truck can go at 60mph. The whole body and the shocks have been made to be as tough as possible. So while this is very smart and nice looking. It is also one very powerful truck that is going to be able to take any kind of terrain. One other thing that we really like about this is how it is so low to the ground. This is going to ensure that the truck handles like a dream.

This is a very cool looking 4×4 RC truck. It has a design that sets it apart from the rest and they have used the best parts in its construction. But with all this awesomeness comes the very hefty price tag. This is priced at twice as much (or even more!) than the other two 1/10 RC trucks we have looked at.



Very unique and smart design

Handles like a dream

Will work great on any kind of terrain

Incredibly fast


Very expensive

Sports car look may not to be every ones taste


So What Is The Right RC Truck For Me?

This was very fun for us to do and finding the best 4×4 RC truck was not as easy as you would think. You see all three of these were great. If you want something that is not too expensive, but still very cool then we would recommend going for either the first truck or the second one. We will say that the first one does seem a little bit more reliable. But if you can stomach the cost then the third truck is by far the best 4×4 RC truck. It looks great, is very fast, strong and in general will do everything you want it to do. But then it is twice as much as the other two!

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