As cool as a RC buggy or car, when you want something a little different, cooler and more awesome than a RC buggy. You go for an RC racing hovercraft! These are very, very cool and no doubt any kid (or a very big kid!) will love getting one of these. But do you just rush out and buy the first one you see? Do you just hit that buy it now button on the one that is one sale for twenty bucks? No of course you do not, you do our homework first so that you know you are getting the fastest hovercraft and the best hovercraft for your money. Actually you do not have to do the homework as we have done it for you as right now we are looking at three of the very best RC hovercrafts you can get.


Our Top RC Hovercrafts (Our Reviews)

Ok so we know, you probably put RC hovercraft into the Amazon search and then spat your coffee out when hundreds and hundreds of them showed up. But do not worry as here we have three hovercrafts here which each offer something a little different so have a look and see what we think of these three RC hovercrafts.


Best RC hovercraft recommendations

Based on the above, here is what we think are the best models you can consider right now.


SZJJX RC Terrain Twister Boat

szjjx-rc-terrain-twister-boat-reviewYour neighbors will think there is an alien invasion when they see the SZJJX RC Terrain Twister Boat tearing up your lawn!

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This is a very cool and unique looking RC hovercraft. They have really gone outside the box with the design on this and it looks awesome. No wheels or a traditional airbag here. This has these very cool looking corkscrews that power the hovercraft over land, water, snow and probably the surface of Mars as well. They have used a powerful motor for this and it will pretty much go over anything that gets in its way. It is powered off a 7.2 volt rechargeable battery which when fully charged gives you around 20 minutes of playtime which is right around what we would expect. It is just so well made, so much that this is not water resistant it is actually water tight! So your child can go through puddles or even a pond!

This is one of the most unique RC hovercrafts on the market right now and while it may cost the most out of the three we are looking at today. We feel it is worth the price and actually at under 100 bucks this is great value for money. They do not have to wait for summer to enjoy this. Its water tight body means it can be played with all year round.


  • Has a water tight body
  • Can race on anything!
  • Has a very unique design
  • Offers a decent amount of play time


  • Costs more than the other two
  • Your neighbors pets will be terrified of it! (but is this a bad thing?)


Toy Quest Remote Radio Control RC Hovercraft

toy-quest-remote-radio-control-rc-hovercraftFirst up we have a really cool RC hovercraft that would be great as a “my first hovercraft” type of gift.

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It has a very smart look to it, almost an 80’s GI Joe kind of vibe. But remember looks aren’t everything. So as you can see from the name the main selling point of this is that it can handle land, water and snow. So really this is a hovercraft which can be used all year round. This is one of the better electronic hovercrafts we have seen when it comes to being water resistant. They clearly know kids will want to try this everywhere and for the most part it is going to be up to the task. It has an impressive 40-60 feet control distance which was good to see. Now we really like this hovercraft and feel they have done a great job, but you will have to purchase a rechargeable 9 volt battery as from what we can tell, most retailers do not include one with it! So please keep this in mind before you order it.

We think this is a really cool RC racing hovercraft and are sure any kid would be very happy with it. They claim it can pretty much go over any surface, But the fact you have to purchase a separate battery is a bit of a downer. Still this is not a deal breaker by any means so do not let this put you off.


  • Fair price
  • Smart Design
  • Can race on land, water and even snow!
  • Ideal for a first hovercraft


  • It is large so will require a lot of room to be stored away
  • Does not come with rechargeable battery


Multifunctional RC Hovercraft Radio Remote Controlled R/C Air Powered Boat

multifunctional-rc-hovercraft-radio-remote-controlled-air-powered-boat-reviewThe last RC hovercraft we are looking at it’s a bit of a controversial one.

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This does not actually hover. It has a large piece of foam serving as the base and two large fans that are spun by a motor which is great for making this fly over water, but it does mean that it is not the fastest when it comes to racing on land. So if hovercraft racing is what your child is looking to do then this may not be ideal for them. It is well made and we really like the military design of it which includes a little army man and two bright lights. It has a 40 meter range so you could take this onto a pond and it would be able to go pretty far before you have to jump in to get it back.

The lack of an airbag to lift this off the ground may be an issue for some, but if you are looking for a RC hovercraft to mainly play with on water then this will be a lot of fun.


  • Has a cool military look
  • Is great for racing on water
  • Has lights on the front
  • Impressive 40 meter range


  • Not great on land
  • Is not as versatile as the other two


Things To Look For When Buying A RC Hovercraft

Before rushing into any purchase, here is what you should be looking out for.

It Is Not Just All About Looks!

Hey we can be as shallow as the next person, but when it comes to buying an electric hovercraft, you do not just want to jump in and buy one because it looks cool. Now do not get us wrong. If you are buying this as a present then you want something that looks so awesome it could be used by a James Bond villain in a daring getaway. But please do not base your RC hovercraft purchase solely on how it looks……. We know a few people who have done this and it has never had a happy ending!

What Can It Race On?

To the person who just said “duh water” we would like to inform you that this is not always the case. You see when it comes to an RC racing hovercraft it greatly depends on the make and model when it comes to its amphibious capabilities. Now you are clearly not going to be taking any RC hovercraft to the beach to race on the ocean, but you need to know what kind of land can it race on. Is it going to rip easy if you take it on tarmac? Is it waterproof? Can it take a heat seeking missile at 50 feet? These are all legitimate questions. The point we are trying to make is that some electronic hovercrafts can race on water and some cannot and that is something you have to look at before you buy one and certainly before you try putting your new hovercraft on water!

What About The Charge?

If you have a child who is very excited about getting a really cool RC racing hovercraft that they are going to brag to all their friends that it is the fastest hovercraft on the planet. Then you better make sure you know how long it takes to charge and how much play time they will get out of it before it needs to be recharged. Last thing you want is for your RC hovercraft to be out in the middle of a wet field or even worse a lake! Now most lower end hovercrafts will not be able to go on something like a lake so this is not an issue. But be sure to find out before you purchase just how much battery life the hovercraft you are interested in has.

How Strong Is It?

Clearly a RC hovercraft is not going to be as robust as a RC buggy, but you still need to know just how strong the hovercraft you are buying is. Not because you want to push around any other hovercrafts that are trying to race you. But because, you want to make sure you are getting something that is going to last and is not going to break easy when it crashes. It is not just the overall strength of the hovercraft you should look into, but also how strong the motor in it is. The stronger the motor, the faster it goes!

Do Not Just Buy The Cheapest One!

You can get RC hovercrafts very cheaply these days, but you do get what you pay for and most of the very cheap ones will be very limited in what they can do. If this is something that your child or even you are really interested in. Then be sure to get one that is actually going to do all the things you want it to do. You cannot spend ten bucks on a RC hovercraft and then be shocked when it cannot go over water!


So What Is The Right RC Hovercraft For Me?

We feel that out of the three we have looked at today. The SZJJX RC Terrain Twister Boat and the Toy Quest Remote Radio Control RC Hovercraft are the two you want to be looking at. The Toy Quest one is great if you want a more traditional kind of hovercraft, but if you want something that is on the cutting edge of what a RC hovercraft is offering then the SZJJX RC Terrain Twister Boat could be just perfect for you. It may cost a little more, but we feel it is well worth the extra few bucks.

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