We have been doing some research on what is the best lipo battery brand and not just that, but what is the best charger to use with those batteries. We know how important it is for you RC racing enthusiasts to have a battery that gives you some serious racing time so you want to make sure that battery is charged properly and safely. Now we are not just talking about those of you who are into RC trucks, but other kinds of RC racers like RC buggies, RC hovercrafts, RC helicopters and anything else that requires a rechargeable battery. Today we are sharing with you what we feel are things you need to know about getting the right lipo battery charger and also we are going to share with you a few of the best lipo battery chargers you can buy.


Our Lipo Chargers (Our Reviews)

Here we are looking at three of the best lipo chargers you can get. If you buy a battery from one of the best lipo battery brands, you want to make sure you have a good charger to power it up and just down below we have three awesome lipo battery chargers for you to consider.


Genuine SKYRC iMAX B6AC V2 Dual Power Professional RC Balancing Battery Charger & Discharger

Genuine Skyrc iMax reviewAt first glance this may seem very daunting as it has more wires than a life support machine! But this lipo charger has everything that you need from a charger.

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You can quickly plug in your lipo batter and get the charger to give it a quick voltage test to make sure it is ok. You do not just plug your battery in and that is that. This charger will make sure that each cell is getting the right amount of juice so that your battery is running as good as possible. Also this is a lipo charger that is going to last you a very long time. It has a strong steel body and it has a micro usb port. This is so that you can upgrade the firmware of the charger to keep it up to date.

At just under fifty bucks, we feel this is an amazing charger and if you are using lipo batteries from the best lipo battery brand then this charger is going to take very good care of them.



  • Very reasonable price
  • Has various cut off points so your battery charges perfectly
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Easy to use


  • At first glance it seems very complicated
  • Bottom of charger can get very hot so be careful where you put it


Combo Special: Tenergy TB6-B Balance Charger for NiMH/NiCD/Li-PO/Li-Fe Battery Packs

Tenergy TB6-B Balance Charger reviewHere we have a really smart lipo charger that cannot just charge lipo batteries, but pretty much any other kind of battery!

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It comes with a whole host of connectors for all kinds of lipo batteries so no matter what kind of battery you are using, we would say that it is a safe bet this charger will be able to charge it so you get the best out of it. One really interesting feature is how you can store data for different batteries. So if you have a couple of different RC racing vehicles then this will save the settings for how those batteries should be charged. We love how it is a very compact unit and with the different wires being able to be connected and unconnected, you can keep this tided away very easy.

This is a great charger if you want a battery charger that cannot just charge lipo batteries, but other kinds as well.



  • Charges all kinds of batteries
  • Has a good display
  • Fair price
  • Let’s you save the data of batteries which makes charging easier


  • Not the best display
  • Instructions are not the best


UP120AC Duo Dual 2 Port Balancing Battery Multi-Chemistry Multicharger with 300Watt Power Supply

UP120AC Duo Dual 2 Port reviewThis is the most expensive of the three lipo chargers we are looking at and we know that some of you who only buy batteries from the best lipo battery brand will only want the best charger.

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This can charge two batteries at once which is just awesome. You can make sure it is charging them both to their full potential as well as it will ensure the individual cells are getting just what they need. It comes with a number of different hook ups so no matter what kind of battery you have this will be able to charge it. It also has a fan on the side so it will not get as hot as some of the other lipo chargers.

We really, really like this lipo charger and feel that it does an amazing job, especially if you want to charge more than one battery at once. But the high price may put some people off, especially if you do not need to charge multiple batteries.


Charges two batteries at once

Has two different displays

Charges many different kinds of batteries

Has a fan to keep the charger cool


Double the price of the other two chargers!

Fan can be a bit noisy


Things To Look For When Buying A Lipo Charger

Balance Charging

Even the best lipo battery from the best lipo battery brand will not be running at full optimal power if it is not charged properly and that is what balance charging is all about. The best lipo chargers will make sure that each cell in the battery is getting the same power put into it. This makes sure that the battery is in tip top shape and is running as good as it possibly can. Not only this, but making sure a lipo battery is charged properly also lessens the chance of it getting damaged.

What Kind Of Batteries Can My New Charger Support?

Some of you may be shocked to know that some chargers are not compatible with all lipo batteries. If you were to buy a high performance battery from the best lipo battery brand and had a cheap charger, chances are it could not even charge it. You are better spending a little bit more money and getting a lipo charger that can handle everything rather than a cheap one that can charge just a couple of kinds of battery.

How Many Lipo Batteries Do You Have?

If you are a parent with a few kids who love to race their RC vehicles. Then the last thing you want is to have little Jimmy and Johnny arguing about who gets to get their buggy charged first. The best lipo chargers will allow you to charge multiple batteries at once so if you do have multiple batteries make sure the charger you get can handle charging more than one at a time. But if you just have one RC buggy, truck or whatever then have a think about buying a lipo charger that is not for a ton of batteries. You do this and you might save yourself a few bucks.

What Kind Of Display Does It Have?

If you have the a battery from the best lipo battery brand then chances are you will have spent a decent amount of money on it. Well you want to make sure this battery is getting charged properly and you also want to know that the battery is good and ready to go. Well most lipo battery chargers have displays. Displays that let you know exactly how your battery is charging, if there is any problems and even the balancing of the charge. Some chargers will offer more information on their display than others, but it is always good to look for a charger that has a display.

Keep An Eye On Your Battery!

Lipo batteries from even the best lipo battery brand are not perfect and may have problems. For the most part the majority of good lipo battery chargers will have some kind of alarm or safety shut off if the battery is damaged and dangerous to charge. But you still should take some of the responsibility yourself and keep an eye on your battery. Last thing you want is the battery to catch fire, your new charger destroyed and then a very awkward conversation with the other half about what has happened to the house. As we said most chargers will ensure your battery is safe, but just in case, keep an eye on it!


So What Lipo Charger Should I Buy?

All three of these are going to charge batteries great. If you buy a lipo battery from the best lipo battery brand and pay a fair bit of money for it. You do not have to worry about any of these chargers damaging it or not charging it properly. Out of the three we have looked at today. We would say if you just have one RC vehicle then go for the first one. It is cheap, reliable and does a great job. If you are a hardcore RC enthusiast who is probably going to need to charge more than one battery at a time then the third one we looked at, even at the high price would be ideal for you.

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