So you have decided that you want to get an RC buggy. And let us tell you, a ready to run buggy (rtr buggy) is the way to go. But before that we have a few questions, Is it for you? One of the kids? Or even the grandkids? Honestly it does not matter as RC buggies are awesome no matter who they are for. As great an idea as getting a RC buggy is. You then have lots of questions. Questions like what is the best RC buggy for racing? What is the best value RC buggy and what RC buggy is not going to break my ankle when one of the kids hits me with it! There is just a ton of questions, but do not worry as we are here to have a look at what are the best RC buggies for the money!


What To Look For When Buying A RC Buggy (Common Features)

On Road Or Off Road?

Think about where you will be driving your rtr buggy before you buy one. If you are buying it to drive around your yard which is full of mud, sand, grass, ramps and all other kinds of fun and awesome stuff. Then you will want to looking into buying an off road buggy as it will be made for terrain like this. If you are driving on more flat surfaces like the sidewalk or a paved area then you will be fine with an on road buggy. Also, it depends on whether you want the best buggy for bashing or racing.

You Have The Power!

The power to fire up your RC buggy we mean. In most cases you are looking at a simple electric charge. You charge the battery pack in your house, put it in the RC buggy and then you are good to go. However there are some that require actual gas to function! Of course these are much more powerful and in most cases tend to be the 4wd off road buggies that need a lot of power.

Why Is A RTR Buggy Better For Me?

Simply put a rtr buggy does what it says on the packaging. It is ready to run! You open it up, charge it, put the battery in and you are ready to rock and roll. It is very simple and for a child it is the best way as it is far less hassle. The flip side of this is a RC buggy that you build yourself. Now this can be a lot of fun, but it sure as hell is not like building a car out of Lego’s! It can be a hard and frustrating experience so it is not advised you do this for your first buggy or if it is just for a child.

How Much Punishment Is It Going To Take?

Look you can tell your kids 10 times not to drive their RC buggy of the ramp in the back yard, but the moment your back is turned that is what they are going to do! Most RC buggies these days are built to take a bit of abuse so the odd fall, crash and smash is not going to cause any major damage. But if your child does plan on doing all kinds of crazy stunts with it. Be sure to look at some of the more robust 4wd RC buggies that are out there.

It Is All About The Money

Look we know for little Jimmy’s first RC buggy, you might not want to spend 100 bucks, but you do get what you pay for and most of those cheaper RC buggies will break after the first crash, have problems with the controls. In general, you will be lucky to get one year of steady play out of them. When it comes to a good rtr buggy, you really do get what you pay for.


Top Picks: The Best RC Buggy! (Our Reviews)

Here we are looking at our three of the best RC buggy under 300 or even 200 in some cases. This was hard to just pick three, but the three we have chosen  all look cool, are fast and offer excellent value for money. So keep reading to see why we rate each of these so highly.


Redcat Racing Tornado EPX PRO Buggy review

redcat-racing-tornado-epx-pro-buggy-reviewHere we have a rtr buggy that is perfect for a first RC buggy. First of all it looks cool any kid is going to be thrilled with showing this off to their friends. But good looks in a buggy will only get you so far.

The body of the buggy is made with very strong Polycarbonate Body Armor so when your child does take it off road the buggy will be able to handle it. Adding to this is the shocks. These are aluminium capped oil filled shocks which at this price range is just incredible and will greatly help when you or your child is tearing up the track or the yard.

The motor they have used is an electric brushless RC-540 motor. This gives this rtr buggy some serious power and ensures that you can go really fast, slam it in reverse and then go fast backwards! The motor along with the wheels make this ideal for off road racing and you will find it can go nearly as fast off road as it can on!

In all this is an awesome RC buggy and at first some of you may have wide open eyes as you look at the price, but when you consider the speed this thing goes and just how well made it is. The price is actually very fair.


TOZO C5031 RC CAR Warhammer Review

tozo-c5031-rc-car-warhammer-reviewNext up we have the TOZO® C5031 RC CAR Warhammer which is another fantastic rtr RC buggy. At just over 100 bucks this would be a great starter buggy. It has a really cool off road kind of design.

It has some nice big wheels and a very strong and durable plastic body that is designed to be taken to the max off road. Even at the affordable price. There are still some shocks on this RC buggy. These shocks will offer a lot of protection when you are tearing up the track or showing off in the back yard. The size really is impressive and it is not until you see it in person you realise what a monster this is. It may be big, but it can still go really fast with a top speed of 32 mph.

We feel that this is the kind of RC buggy that is great for a person just looking to wet their feet in the world of RC buggies. It is very affordable, but it has a lot of great features despite the nice price.


Zerospace Keliwow EAGLE-3 review

zerospacekeliwow-eagle-3-reviewThe last rtr buggy we have today is the ZerospaceKeliwow EAGLE-3. Ok so let’s get the technical stuff out of the way first. This is a 4wd RC buggy that is designed to be taken off road. But please be warned this is not waterproof like some of the other off road RC buggies that are on the market.

As well as the strong body, shocks are included to lessen the impact when the car is taken off a big jump. In all it is a very solid and fun RC buggy.

What makes the ZerospaceKeliwow EAGLE-3 different though is the body. As you can see it has kind of a Jeep look to it. What kids will love about this RC buggy is the way you can easily change the body. The standard colour is grey, but you get all different colours so have a think about getting another one. Changing the body is very easy, but make sure you put it on right as it has been known to come off when not properly attached. This is a rtr RC buggy, but it could serve as an entry into the world of building your own RC buggy.

This is a fun RC buggy and one worth thinking about, especially if your child has an interest in tinkering with things as they will have fun changing the body.


So Let Us Park Our RC Buggy And Call It A Night

Honestly any three of the RC buggies we looked at would be great. The Redcat Racing Brushless Electric Tornado EPX PRO Buggy is the most high quality of the bunch, but it is also the best made out of the three. The TOZO C5031 RC CAR Warhammer is just ideal for a first RC buggy as it really is the definition of a rtr buggy. The last one, the Zerospace Keliwow EAGLE-3 may not be the highest quality, but it does serve as a good first RC buggy and also as an entry point into building their own buggies.

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