RC cars are something that most kids will get, be it for a birthday or a Christmas or even for just doing good at school. Anyway while there are some awesome RC cars for kids on the market right now. I know that for some of you, you really do not want to be spending a ton of money on a RC car, especially if it is your kids first RC car or if you know they can be a little rough with their toys. Well do not worry as I (well my son) was given the chance to try out three RC cars that are based on popular kids characters and we are going to let you know how good they are and which one is the best!


Carrera 7 Mario 2.4 Ghz Servo Tronic Kart Review

Carrera 7 Mario 2.4 Ghz Servo Tronic Kart reviewThere is actually quite a few different Mario Kart RC cars and this one here, the Carrera 7 Mario 2.4 Ghz Servo Tronic Kart is the top of the line when it comes to Mario Kart RC cars. The version we got to try out was Super Mario, but you can also get Yoshi, Donkey Kong and Bowser. The first thing you notice about this kids RC car is just how large it is. The pictures really do not do this car justice. It has quite a lot of weight to it and it feels very sturdy so you will not be worried when your kids are tearing up the garden and crashing into everything as it is very well made.

As well as being very well made, your kid is going to love how fast this goes. It can reach speeds up to around 12 mph which is pretty darn fast for a kids RC car that is coming in at under 100 bucks. As well as being fast, this Mario Kart handles very well and on some good flat terrain, you child is going to love doing skids, flipping it into reverse and just having a great time with it. Mario even leans left and right just like he does in the game which my son thought was really cool. The charge time is pretty quick at just a few hours and you are looking at least half an hour (they claim 40 minutes) off a full charge. With a recommended age of 6 and up, Carrera 7 Mario 2.4 Ghz Servo Tronic Kart would be a perfect RC car for your child.


  • Looks just like Mario from Mario Kart
  • Has a very strong build
  • Goes pretty fast
  • Good price


  • Goes to fast to be driven in doors
  • May be a little heavy for kids to carry


Air Hogs, Batmobile Remote Control Vehicle

Batman rc car for kids reviewNow this is really cool! The Air Hogs, Batmobile Remote Control Vehicle is the kind of kids RC car that many dads will be dying to have a go off. At first appearances this is easily the coolest looking RC car on this list. My son thought it looked pretty awesome and so did I as I recognized it was based on the Batmobile from the Batman v Superman movie that was released a couple of years ago. Air Hogs have done an incredible job at making this look so good. For a relatively small RC car and also a pretty low budget one they have not cheaped out on the details.

First thing my son and I noticed about the Air Hogs, Batmobile Remote Control Vehicle was just how quick it was. This is a really nimble RC car and after a pretty short charge time, he had it ripping around the driveway. As this is so fast and agile, I would recommend taking it to a park where you have a large flat area so you can let your kid really cut loose with it. I thought this was pretty lightweight and out of the three RC cars we checked out this was the one I was most concerned about as far as it getting crashed into walls goes. My son had a lot of fun with it and thought the headlights, turbo light and even the little machine guns on the front were really cool. While this is well made the recommended age is for kids aged 8 and up and I think this is because they know younger kids will keep crashing it into walls, which I am not sure this could take.


  • Looks really, really cool
  • Based on Batmobile from Batman v Superman
  • Is very fast
  • Can be got for under fifty bucks


  • Not suitable for really young kids
  • May not take much smashing into walls


Avengers: XPV Marvel-RC Hulk Smash Toy Vehicle

RC Hulk Smash Toy Vehicle reviewWhat the heck is Hulk doing driving a car? Is the question many of us will be asking, but this one here really is a very cool kids RC car. By far this is the most unusual looking RC car on this list, but I think that makes it something many kids will really like. Rather than just being  car, you have Hulk actually sitting on top of a cool looking truck. The actual car may look a little bit on the basic side, but they have done a tremendous job on the Hulk figure that sits on top of the truck. He is very well detailed and looks just like he does in the Avengers movies.

By far this is one of the most unusual kids RC cars I have ever seen. You see those huge arms of the Hulk? Well they are a major part of this RC car. They are always moving so they can smash things that get in front of The Hulk and if your kid flips the RC car then Hulk will move his arms until he is back on all four wheels. You can move Hulk’s arms around so they are in different positions which can be a lot of fun. Unlike the other RC cars on this list, Hulk only has a joystick for forwards and back. There is another smash button which is used to make him spin around. For younger kids this is no doubt going to be awesome, but for older kids who want a little bit more control, they may not be as thrilled with this. There is no rechargeable batteries with this RC car. Hulk needs 6 double A batteries and the controller needs two AA, which are all included. With a recommended age of 4 and up, I think for younger kids, Avengers: XPV Marvel-RC Hulk Smash Toy Vehicle will be a lot of fun.


  • Is very durable
  • Price is very reasonable
  • Smashing things is a lot of fun
  • Perfect for younger children


  • Cannot make him turn manually
  • You may not like it when it gets angry


Things To Look For When Buying A Kids or Toddler RC Car

Ok so we have had a little look at three of the best kids RC cars that are based on some of their favorite characters. To be honest with you this is a great way to get a kid into RC toys and in general, you do not have to spend a whole lot of money. Anyway here we are looking at a few of the general things you need to consider when buying a kids RC car.

What Is The Battery Situation?: For a kid waiting around for a RC car to charge is the worst thing ever! Make sure you know in advance how long the battery lasts and how long it takes to charge. Also make sure you know if the RC car you are buying has an internal battery or if it needs batteries. If it needs batteries do not just buy cheap ones as they never last.

How Does It Drive?: If the kids RC car you are looking at does not have much in the way of a description. Be sure to look at the pictures of the remote. If you have an older child, you will want to make sure that the car you are buying has forward, reverse and the ability to turn. As cool as that Hulk RC car is, the fact it does not have full steering may not be something older kids will like.

The Price: Like most dads I am always looking to save a few bucks. Some RC cars are very, very expensive and if RC cars are something your child gets into then I say go for it. But to start off with, price really should be a huge factor in the RC car that you buy. For me I would not spend more than 100 bucks on a kids first RC car.


So What Is The Best Kids RC Car?

Well my son (and I!) put all three of these cars through their paces and actually had a lot of fun with all three. The Hulk one while cool did feel more like a toy, but for younger kids I can see this being a huge hit. For me and my son the Mario Kart one was the best. It went really, really fast and it handled very well. It was just a joy to drive and the fact it looks like it came straight out of the video game was something my son thought was really cool. Plus this is made to last. Your kid could slam this into the wall many times and I think it would be fine. If you have a child who has shown a bit of interest in RC cars or just loves Super Mario then I think buying this kids RC car is the way to go.

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