RC trucks are a lot of fun, but one of the first things you wonder when you get an RC truck or even one of the first things you ask someone when you hear they have one is, how fast does it go? Well today we are having a bit of fun by sharing with you a few ways to make your RC truck go that little bit faster. If you have been wondering how to make even the best RC truck go faster, you have certainly come to the right place. With these tips, tricks and suggestions your RC truck will be going so fast that if you add a Flux Capacitor before you know it you will be going back in time!


#1: Change The Gears!

Now this may sound like it is going to be complicated, but it is actually much easier than you would think. By gear, we actually mean the pinion and the spur gear. Pinion is the small (99/100 metal) gear on the motor and the spur gear is the larger plastic one. If you want a car that has fast acceleration then you want to put in a smaller pinion and a larger spur gear. This will really shoot your RC truck off! Now while this is cool please take note that this can put a bit more stress on the motor and lead to overheating so keep that it mind.


#2: Think About Changing The Tires

Now this will of course depend of the kind of surface you are racing your RC truck on, but the kind of tires you use can dramatically alter the speed your truck can go. If you are racing on tarmac or a surface like that then balder, more smooth tires will help your speed. As we are talking about RC trucks here, you will probably be taking it off road. In that case, you will want to ensure you have some full spikes on your tires to make sure you get the best traction possible. Some people even experiment with larger tireswhich may be something you want to try and be better if you do not feel comfortable messing with the gears of the motor.


#3: Lessen The Weight

This one here is a bit of a double edged sword as if you do lessen the weight of the RC truck, you run a big risk of lowering the traction. So how do you lessen the weight? Well one way that some people do it is to make sure that the heavier parts inside the truck are made with lighter materials such as light carbon, aluminum and so on. This requires a lot of research so it is only for those of you who are willing to do the leg work and who feel comfortable changing parts actually inside of the RC truck.


#3: Upgrade The Motor

These days most RC trucks come with a brushless motor and once you go brushless you never go back! Well if you are not sure, check to see if your truck does have a brushless motor. These are not as expensive as you would think so if you do not have one, buy one and you will be blown away at how much faster your RC truck can go. So how fast will a brushless motor make my RC truck go? Well in all honesty that depends on the kind of brushless motor you buy.


#5: Know  Your Truck

Ok so this one here does sound a bit cheesy, but in all honesty before you do any of the above, you want to make sure you know your truck better than anyone. Knowing how to get the best out of your RC truck can result in you pushing it as far as it can go so you get the top speed out of it. Learn how to ease the throttle so the motor is running as efficiently as possible. Just getting the RC truck out and slamming forward is not always going to get the best out of your truck. So spend some time playing around, gentle accelerating and seeing if you can get a bit more speed out of your RC truck before you start tinkering with it.

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